Mustang Harry's is a great choice for any lunch near Penn Station for locals and tourists.

For an Inspiring Lunch Near Penn Station, Choose Mustang Harry’s

​​​​​​​ My friends and I met at Mustang Harry’s and we were far from disappointed. Mustang Harry’s is geographically located just a short walk from New York City’s Madison Square Garden. This Irish gastropub and sports bar has been operating for more than twenty years under the management of two

Mustang Harry's is a standout among Herald Square Restaurants

Mustang Harry’s, the Best of Herald Square Restaurants

​​​​​​​Mustang Harry’s is among the few eateries around Penn Station that is memorable, and for lots of different reasons. Our renovated sports bar has a spacious interior, tantalizing food, and a welcoming vibe. It’s one of the best restaurants near Herald Square to visit prior to attending a big sports
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