Every sports fan enjoys going to a sports bar whenever there is a high-profile game or a match that includes a favorite team or participant. While watching a game at home can be comfortable and “easy,” spectating in a sports bar with a friendly crowd makes it far more fun. At the bar, fans are as involved in the event as you are, cheering on their favorite team and reacting to the action in real-time. There isn’t much doubt, the energy at a good sports bar is unique and cannot be substituted. So, when looking to share the energy and enjoy live sports with others, why not go to one of the best sports bars in NYC? The consensus for the best sports bar, Midtown, Penn Station or Madison Square Garden is Mustang Harry’s.

Mustang Harry’s is in Midtown Manhattan, and very close to Penn Station, Madison Square Garden, The Fashion Institute of Technology, Macy’s, the Garment District, Lincoln Tunnel and Rachael Ray’s studios. Its location is truly convenient for meeting up with a friend for a game, brunch or daily happy hour.

What makes Mustang Harry’s the best sports bar in Midtown NYC?

Huge HDTVs

The bar has a dozen large, flat screen HDTVs in every location. Each HDTV is positioned strategically so each customer has a clear view of more than one, and because the bar can have more than one live game airing on different TVs, making multiple event-watching a pleasure. The strategically scattered locations of the TVs assure customers can watch matches and still carry on conversations. Any customer can see a screen comfortably from any table or chair in the bar. Just some of the sports you may see at Mustang Harry’s are soccer, boxing, rugby, baseball and football.

Lovely atmosphere

We recently completed the renovation of Mustang Harry’s bar. The bar now has an ambiance that fosters relaxation. The lighting is warm and calming; unique wall sconces, pendant and bare Edison lamps that are not too bright, nor too dim. You will see polished hardwood surfaces, reclaimed wood and brick walls, wood plank coved ceilings and interesting paintings nostalgia hanging in every corner and niche. The impression is that of cozy industrial with notes of Irish tradition.

There is a new surround sound system covering every inch of the bar, including the washrooms. Easily put, you won’t miss any part of the game, no matter where in the bar you are. There are no outside interruptions; the busy pace of Midtown is left outside our doors so you can enjoy your favorite sports thoroughly. Enjoy all your sports in a beautiful place.

Ample and comfortable seats

Mustang Harry’s is among the longest sports bars in Midtown, New York City. There is generous, sturdy and comfortable seating directly at our bar. The bar stools at the counter have backs for extra comfort. There are also booths scattered throughout the bar. They have thick, padded leather covers and are very comfortable. The seats near the dining room corners offer more privacy than those near the bar area.

No matter where you sit, you can enjoy coming to Mustang Harry’s with your friends to have a private conversation over wine and appetizers or watch sports with a pint of Guinness Stout anytime. Even after a game of three overtimes, we’re sure you won’t have a sore back or neck.

A wide selection of drinks

To be the best sports bar, Midtown establishments need to offer a full and impressive menu of cocktails. Mustang Harry’s has a wide selection of drinks available to satisfy all tastes. We keep the bar well-stocked with both popular and small label brands. There are 20 beer taps at the bar, including local craft brews. You can take time and try out different beers, and even take home a 20- or 30-ounce growler of your favorite. We maintain a selection of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines from California, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and South America. Stocking more than 100 brands of tequila, vodka, bourbon and other liquor, there are cocktails for everyone, from those who want something “a little special” to “the ordinary.” The best part is you will enjoy premium drinks at a reasonable price.

Amazing food

No sports bar is complete without chicken wings. There are other delicious snacks of course, like calamari and flatbreads. We also serve some less-common appetizers like roasted cauliflower salad and deviled eggs with double-smoked bacon. Experimenting is encouraged and we are confident you will be pleased when you do!

The sandwich and salad selections have plenty of savory staples like Chopped Cobb Salad, The Mustang Burger, and The Grilled Tuna B.L.T., while the entrées include Hanger Steak, Blackened Fish Tacos and Shepherd’s Pie. Our top-notch chef has the necessary experience to satisfy a “tough” NYC clientele by cooking both comfort food and exotic recipes. Locals and tourists always have something delicious they can enjoy from our menu. As it contains both American and Irish recipes, there is plenty of variety. Our goal is to obtain the best ingredients available so our customers can enjoy tasty and healthy food.

Customer service

Every customer should feel welcome in Mustang Harry’s sports bar. We train our staff to be courteous, respectful, and to offer exceptional service to each customer. Your food will arrive promptly, well-prepared and as ordered. Of course, our server team will answer any questions and provide any assistance you might need.

Mustang Harry’s has all the characteristics of the best sports bar Midtown is seeking. Watching sports, meeting with friends, making new friends, holding social events—it is our pleasure to accommodate all these. The location is great for small parties and meet-ups with coworkers or family coming to town. Make a reservation with us online and save time at the door. Just fill in the online reservation form — Mustang Harry’s sports bar located at 352 7th avenue in Manhattan, New York City.