Of all the Sports Bars Near Madison Square Garden, Mustang Harry's is the best choice.

Mustang Harry’s, One of the Best Sports Bars Near Madison Square Garden

No matter the team you support, it is always nice to be in a high-energy sports bar cheering your team on with other die-hard fans doing the same. America’s big cities are home to some great sport bars that welcome visitors with open arms and have multiple HDTVs viewable from

The best irish pub near Penn Station can be found in Midtown at Mustang Harry's

Mustang Harry’s, A Quality Irish Pub Near Penn Station

If you are looking for the best Irish pub near Penn Station, you don’t have to go further than Mustang Harry’s. Just a short distance from all the action in Manhattan, Mustang Harry’s is the place to go if you are looking for a solid menu, a place to hang

The Best Sports Bars Midtown NYC includes Mustang Harry's due to their various sport watching events.

Why Mustang Harry’s is One Of The Best Sports Bars, Midtown NYC

Every sports fan enjoys going to a sports bar whenever there is a high-profile game or a match that includes a favorite team or participant. While watching a game at home can be comfortable and “easy,” spectating in a sports bar with a friendly crowd makes it far more fun.

There are many restaurants near Penn Station, but Mustang Harry's is the best for amazing pub food.

Why Mustang Harry’s is the Best of the Best Restaurants Near Penn Station

The area near Madison Square Garden and Penn Station is considered by some as a culinary wasteland. This doesn’t sit well with locals or anyone who frequents this area, however. The truth is, there is one of the very best restaurants near Penn Station that continues to offer mouthwatering dining

For the best brunch near Penn Station, you must visit Mustang Harry's.

Bookmarking the Best Brunch Near Penn Station

​​​​​​​Brunch is both loved and loathed in New York City. Some people deride the overindulgence or pricey meals, some scorn at day-drinking while others refer to it as “amateur hour.” But people still need to eat, and brunch is a great opportunity to enjoy the sweet, rich qualities of breakfast
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